My Story

Finding the fitness industry changed my life forever.

Michelle Cohen - You Live Life Well

I had worked for years in fashion and public relations. The long hours and tough deadlines left me burnt out both mentally and physically. I was desperate to start a family but I wanted more time to be with my kids whilst being happy and healthy for them.

I needed to find a new career, one that allowed me to be more flexible with my time and improved my health and outlook. Becoming a personal trainer seemed like the obvious choice but when I was a child I hated sports at school and would make all sorts of excuses to avoid it. I could not do a single pushup even from my knees and struggled to lift my shopping. How could I be able to survive in the fitness industry?

Before I knew it my childhood nightmares of PE had been forgotten as I accompanied a friend on a fitness course. I was hooked! I started training two hour Muay Thai boxing sessions twice a week! It shocked me how quickly my body became stronger and fitter. I kept my muscles and joints healthy by supplementing my hardcore workouts with yoga.
I ditched my morning croissant and hot chocolate I would eat on the way to the office. I replaced it with healthier choices like an acai berry bowl or an avocado smash. I tracked my macros and made sure I was getting the right amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to get my body stronger whilst keeping it lean.

I am now the mother of two beautiful girls and I am in the best shape of my life! I can now deadlift almosttwice my bodyweight and can do strict pushups in sets of 20! I am now strong not only physically but mentally as well.

Along my journey I have had extensive training in strength and conditioning from world famous coaches like Charles Poliquin. All of this experience allows me to specialise in body sculpting, weight loss, strength and muscle gain, athletic performance, HIIT and rehabilitation.

I would love to become your personal trainer and change your life just like I changed mine and my clients. I am a qualified Master Trainer with thousands of hours of experience who is constantly researching the latest trends in the health and fitness industry to give you life-changing results.