Being quarantined and working from home is an easy excuse to take a long break from exercise and eating well. 

Who cares if you are in good shape when we don’t even see people? How can you workout using your motivation alone? What is the point if you can’t talk to your friends at the gym?

Exercising and eating a well-balanced diet has been proven to raise our immune systems, this can drastically improve our chances of not contracting coronavirus. 

Imagine having the body you have always wanted as well as a positive mind-set so that you are 100% ready to return to work when lockdown ends. When I begin training you via Zoom I will help you regain confidence to help you push your body past your own limits.

My training packages are completely bespoke. After your free consultation I will begin work on making custom workouts set to your training goals and needs. Alongside these will be tasty and varied nutrition plans based around your dietary requirements that will have you losing weight fast.

Do you know the difference between a burpee and a tricep dip? Can you name the three main macronutrients? And what is intermittent fasting?

Don’t worry about the jargon, fitness should be fun, not intimidating or confusing. Let me take care of all the complicated stuff and join me on guided one-on-one or group workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Let me plan your meals and steer you in the right direction of good nutrition. I don’t believe in fad yo-yo diets and I will teach you to slowly change your diet until you are at a point where you will be craving fruit and vegetables not chocolate and crisps.

I have now been a personal trainer for over a decade and I have never looked back. My passion is now in transforming the lives of others by improving their health and confidence. I now have a large client base and have worked with complete beginners, pre and post-natal women, athletes and even TV personalities.

Michelle Cohen

Your body is your temple treat it accordingly – HEALTHY LIVING starts in your mind – EAT Healthy, TRAIN efficiently, SLEEP better

Bespoke Plans


£ 600
  • 10 1-hour sessions of virtual training
  • Continuous personal support


£ 1020
  • 20 1-hour sessions of virtual training
  • Continuous personal support


£ 850
  • 15 1-hour sessions of virtual training
  • Continuous personal support

Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy Package

£ 295 12 weeks

This exclusive package is a weekly ‘Start Your Week Right’ Virtual fitness 40-minute GROUP session with me via zoom, followed by a 25-minute group hypnosis session with leading clinical hypnotherapist Elle Foll ( helping you achieve your weight loss results twice as fast when combined with healthy eating!

When: Mondays 7.30-8.45pm GMT. All levels welcome. Just bring your mat and a bottle of water (dumbbells optional). We recommend joining us for at least 3 months, 12 sessions for optimum results. A cost effective and easy way to lose weight…and keep it off in the comfort of your own space. Starts 7th June 2020. You can join any time. Transform your body for the summer!

If you are unsure whether this program is the right fit for you, join our one week free trial session. Press here to book

Need Some Additional Information ?

Feel free to Get in touch for more personalized training and pricing.

As a virtual global personal trainer, I am ready to work with you to get you the body you’ve always dreamed of having.

Have a group of friends that also want to get in shape? Not a problem! I also provide group training sessions, using easy-to-follow workouts that you and your friends can do at home.

Now is the best time to jump into online personal training, so come on and start your journey to a better YOU!

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